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ODYSSEYS at the National Archaeological Museum

Where: National Archaeological Museum
When: On now – 30th September 2017
Why Go: To see a visual narration of mankind’s odyssey through time

The National Archaeological Museum (NAM) is a treasure trove filled with precious remnants of the past. As a publicly funded institution in the midst of hard economic times, what the museum lacks in cosmetic finesse, it makes up for with its impressive permanent collection of more than 11,000 pieces, dating as far back to the Neolithic period.

Greeks have mastered the art of symbolism (also derived from the Greek word symbolon, σύμβολον) and none more so than at the NAM, where the curator has thoughtfully threaded together iconic pieces representing a passage through time in its latest exhibition, Odysseys a tribute to the museum’s 150 year anniversary.

Through seven separate gallery points, stories of conquests, exploration, and the desire to overcome immortality is weaved together into one narrative; the personal and collective endeavours of mankind. The exhibition is a reminder that love, fragility and mortality always transverses time, to define what makes us human after all.

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